Altura Gold

Discover Luxury

Altura Gold

Discover Luxury

Discover the luxury of a home lift with Altura Gold

With its smooth ride and choice of elegant styling options, the Altura Gold home lift brings luxury living to any building.

Premium features come as standard across the Altura range, leaving you free to select the type and size of lift that gives the best solution for your needs. Altura Gold is an open-sided platform enclosed within a metallic shaft, which can be installed in small spaces without compromising on comfort and ease of access.
The Altura Gold has a clean and simple design, highlighted with elegant details, making it an attractive addition to any home. You can choose from a selection of customisable options to coordinate the lift with your interior.

A Smooth Ride

Altura Gold is fitted with a soft start and stop device, giving you a smooth and comfortable ride every time you use your lift. Simply press and hold the destination button on the control panel, and let the lift carry you gently up and down through your home.

Easy Installation

Altura Gold is designed to fit into small spaces with minimal construction work. The lift is supplied with its own metallic shaft, the lift mechanism fully contained within the shaft. It runs on standard mains electricity and can normally be installed in just a few days. Altura Gold is fully compliant with all relevant European safety standards.

Design Your Lift

With an array of options on offer, the Altura Gold lift can truly become part of your home. Choose from a range of sizes, colours and details for the shaft, walls, floor and doors to create a lift that meets your needs and matches your surroundings.


Comfort for all


Control Panel

The Altura control panel has been designed to look good while being clear and simple to use. The sleek black panel is illuminated with a soft white backlight. A high-quality colour display shows not only the floor level of the lift but also diagnostic codes, for easy service and maintenance.

Small and Compact

The mechanism of the Altura Gold is fully contained within the lift shaft; no additional machine room is needed. The shaft can be as compact as 900 x 940 mm. A small pit of just 50 mm is required. If a pit is not feasible, an access ramp can be supplied.

Easy Maintenance

When you choose an Altura Gold lift, you’re choosing comfort, reliability and easy maintenance. An automatic lubrication system keeps the lift mechanism running smoothly and helps to keep your lift in top condition. The lift is designed so that servicing can be carried out quickly and conveniently.

Keeping You and Your Family Safe

In the case of power failure, a battery back-up system will bring your lift safely down to a lower floor. A battery guard monitors the level of charge and ensures that there is always enough power in the battery to operate the back-up system. A handrail, an alarm button, an emergency stop and two-way communication are all included as standard.
Available sizes

Altura Gold 

800 x 580 mm
800 x 845 mm
800 x 1100 mm
Altura Gold Pro
1400 x 900 mm
1400 x 1000 mm
1400 x 1100 mm

Technical Specification

Technical compliance

Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.
Drive system
Screw/nut system
Rated speed (max.)
0.15 m/s
Travel height
900 – 12000 mm
Number of stops
Max. 6 stops per lift
1 door per floor / 6 doors per lift
Pro – 2 doors per floor / 12 doors per lift
50 mm pit. If a pit is not possible, the lift can be used with a ramp.
Console wall height
2200 mm
Shaft top height
2430 mm (elongation is possible).
Platform controls
Hold to run, floor button must be kept pressed during travel.
Landing controls
One touch call
Emergency lowering
Battery operated emergency lowering, with battery guard.
Control voltage
24 V
1.5 kW
Pro – 2.2 kW
Power supply
1-phase 230 V 50/60 Hz 16 A
Maximum power

3 kW

Pro – 4.5 kW
Rated load
250 kg
Pro – 325 – 400 kg

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