Altura Platnium

Experience Luxury

Altura Platnium

Experience Luxury

Experience luxury with the Altura Platinum, a versatile lift for a wide range of applications.

The Altura Platinum is driven by proven and reliable hydraulic technology. Available in a wide range of sizes and configurations, the Altura Platinum is
a highly adaptable lift that can be used in a wide range of public and private environments, indoors and outdoors. It is available with its own metallic shaft or can be installed in a masonry shaft

An Altura Platinum lift can be anything from a simple platform with a console wall and false ceiling to a fully enclosed cabin with sliding doors. Choose from a wide range of door options, wall finishings, ceilings and floors to create the perfect lift for your home or business.

A Smooth Ride

All Altura Platinum lifts are fitted with a soft start and stop device as standard, guaranteeing you an exceptionally smooth ride from the moment you press the floor button on the control panel. For your safety, cabins with open sides are fitted with a hold- to-run control button that must be kept permanently pressed during the ride, whilst the fully enclosed cabin has one-touch controls.

Easy Installation

Choose from the wide selection of Altura cabin finishes to create a lift that suits your needs and matches your surroundings. The minimalist Simplicity range offers discreet coordination with its environment and is a good choice with public buildings, whilst the elegance of the Deluxe range will suit any stylish interior.

Design Your Lift

The Altura Platinum is designed to be installed in just a few days, and when installed in its own shaft, requires minimal construction work. It is offered with eight standard plan sizes or can be custom-made to your required dimensions.


Comfort for all

Control Panel

The sleek backlit Altura control panel is available in a choice of finishes and has a crystal clear digital display for the floor indicators. Floor indicator displays for the landings are available as an option. The display panels give information about the status of the lift, and they show diagnostic codes for easy service and maintenance.


The Altura Platinum has the option of fully automatic sliding doors on the cabin and landings, giving all the comfort and convenience of a traditional elevator.

Open cabins

The landing accesses are fitted with swing doors.

Enclosed cabins

The fully enclosed cabin is offered with two different door configurations:

+ Automatic sliding doors on cabin and landings.

+ Automatic folding doors on the cabin and swing doors on the landings.

All doors can be painted in a choice of colour, and are available with optional glass panels. See the Altura catalogue for full details.

Designed to Fit

The Altura Platinum is suitable for installation in public buildings and can be configured to meet the most stringent requirements for accessibility. The self-contained system is simple to install and can be fitted into small spaces in new or existing buildings. Multiple doors per floor are possible and all lifts have a handrail and braille buttons as standard. For security in public buildings, the lift can be secured with a selection of locking options.

Your Safety and Comfort

All Altura Platinum lifts are fitted with a soft start and stop device, guaranteeing you an exceptionally smooth ride every time. The edges of open-sided cabins are fitted with photocells that will immediately stop the lift if any obstruction extends beyond the edge of the platform, keeping passengers safe at all times. The lift is protected by a back-up battery power supply. A battery guard continuously monitors the charge level to ensure that there is always enough power in the batteries to run the lift in case of a power-cut.

Style Options

A world of choice

Simplicity Cabin

Simplicity Cabin

Coloured film finish (skinplate), stainless steel or painted in choice of colour
Safety vinyl in choice of three colours
Panoramic Wall
Half or full-wall, in transparent glass
Three LED spotlights
Control Panel
Black or stainless steel

Deluxe Cabin

Deluxe Cabin

Choice of high pressure laminates in different texture effects
Stone, carpet or vinyl flooring in choice of colours
Slim vertical, half-wall or full-wall
Panoramic Wall
Half or full-wall, in transparent glass
Choice of LED lighting configurations
Choose a cabin style from the Diamond Collection or design your own
Contrasting corner and central panel accents
Control Panel
Black, mirrored steel or gold
Stainless steel or gold

Technical Specification

Technical compliance

Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC Reference standard: EN81-41
Drive system
Hydraulic control unit with indirect chain action
Rated speed (max.)
Europe: max. 0.15 m/s (2006/42/EC).
Travel height
Open cabin 900 – 15100 mm
Enclosed cabin 900 – 13600 mm
Number of stops
Max. 6 stops per lift
Max. 2 doors per floor/
12 doors per lift
Type of Access
Frontal, lateral, opposite or adjacent
120mm. If a pit is not possible, the lift can be used with a ramp.
Shaft Type
Metallic structural shaft or masonry shaft.
Shaft top height
Open cabin: minimum 2100 mm depending on shaft type and doors. See catalogue.
Enclosed cabin with folding doors: minimum 2240 mm
25 Enclosed cabin with sliding doors: minimum 2450 mm
Open cabin: Hold-to-run Enclosed cabin: Automatic (one – touch)
Landing controls
Automatic controls on landings.
Indoor and outdoor
Emergency lowering
Battery operated emergency lowering.
Control voltage
24 V
Power supply
1-phase 230V 50/60Hz
Maximum power
3 kW
Circuit Breaker/ RCD
16A tripping curves C/ 30mA class A or B
Rated load
250–450kg depending on cabin size.

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